Great American Eclipse: An Experience

The Great American Eclipse While most photographers have been planning years in advance for this eclipse event, I was unaware. By the time I finally got to prepping for this awesome occasion, two months in advance, everything ‘essential’ was sold out. I add essential in quotations, because as you can tell by this blog; I still got amazing shots of the eclipse and totality. As you read this you will see tips on how to better shoot the eclipse when you’re on a budget or totally unprepared, peppered in here and there. Planning the Journey Right off the bat, I […]

Make Your Small Firework Photographs, BIG!

Another 4th of July has come and gone in Washington, DC. If you’re like me, a native to the area, you probably dread the traffic in the city around this time. You would rather shoot bottle rockets out of your mouth than sit in the parking lot that is I495 for another 30 seconds. As a photographer I feel guilty every time I opt to stay home and neglect the special occasion going on in the tidal basin. No images can quite compare to the spectacular show that can only be captured in Washington. Or can they? Even with a […]

Out From the Darkroom

The Beginnings The year was 2006, digital photography had become a consumer standard. Some remnants of the film world still stood; such as a middle school photography class with a darkroom. My fascination with photography kindled about three years earlier as a 5th grader. I was only nine years old when my first Olympus Stylus point and shoot made its way into my life. The great wilderness of the upper peninsula in Michigan awaited me just after my Birthday. This two week adventure marked the ultimate bonding experience between my grandparents and myself, however, it became derailed by the bonding […]